what is
your style?

This is one of the very first questions I ask my clients, and 99% respond with a heavy sigh followed by, “I’m not really sure” or “My style is a bit all over the place”. 

Even as a stylist, I dread the question I frequently receive from students, journalists or even friends: “Can you describe your style in one word?” Just one?! That’s like asking someone to describe their personality in only one word - it is simply impossible. Style, just like a personality, is multi-faceted, extremely intricate and unique to every person. Style is your first impression to the world and crucial to one’s identity. 

My favorite fashion illustrator, Dallas Shaw, recently wrote her book The Way She Wears It which compiles fashion tips and soul-searching challenges to help her readers reveal their own personal style. Early on, she challenges her readers to participate in a “Therapy Sesh”, to answer a few questions to help hone in on the platforms of their style. I love her writing and the approach she has to fashion, and the read was eye-opening even for a fashion-confident gal like myself. I would be crazy if I didn't tap into this resource and use it as a way to get to know my clients. I think it will allow you to learn more about yourself as well.

I challenge you to take your time, answer honestly and let this questionnaire take it’s course. You may be surprised by some of your answers. Are you ready?