Fashion Styling


commercial styling


Image is crucial when you're marketing your business or service. Many businesses look to styling to help revamp their branding or create eye-catching advertising campaigns. During the consultation, I gather information and background on your business, and communicate the best way to promote you or your service through styling while staying true to your brand image. Commercial styling is specified for business use only, in whatever capacity needed (ie. Website images, brand marketing, head shots, lookbooks, etc.)


editorial styling


As part or the head of the creative team, I collaborate with all editors and photographers from start to finish on each editorial. I require a consultation and creative briefing with the creative team and full communication during the project. Upon meeting with the editor and/or photographer and cultivating a vision together, I curate and gather clothing and accessories necessary for the photoshoot. On the day of the photoshoot, I communicate the vision to the team, oversee the work of the make-up artists and hair stylists, partner with the photographer, dress and style each model and provide creative direction.