Elizabeth :

"I had been wanting to try Melissa’s styling services for a while, but wasn’t sure where to start or what I really wanted/needed. When I heard her announce the new Capsule Wardrobe package, I knew it was the perfect opportunity.
Y’all, I AM SO HAPPY I did this! Not only was Melissa personable & fun, but she was knowledgeable and professional. We went through nearly every piece of my wardrobe and revamped the way I saw it. It made me want to wear things I hadn’t worn in years; it allowed me to purge things I had been holding onto for far too long. Melissa also created a look-book for me with advice on how to style some of my clothes, and links to items I may want to add to my wardrobe to make it more versatile. She totally nailed my style icons! But she also left me with the toolbox to create new looks on my own (which is so important!). Melissa’s services are an investment in YOU! She not only cares about your style, but she has an incredible vision and heart for empowering women and the way we see ourselves! I highly recommend Melissa de Leon Styling & I cannot wait to hire her again!!"



"When setting up a fashion shoot, the first person I turn to is Melissa. Her eye for stylish ensembles is spot-on, and her ability to turn my visions into a reality is astounding. I can't begin to express my gratitude for all the hard work she has put into the projects we've worked on together. She is a dream to work with!"



"I have worked with Melissa on several projects and editorial shoots, and it has been such a joy to work alongside her, in regards to both her talents and her personality. Melissa is so experienced and professional, has an innate eye for design and style, and can effortlessly bring her vision to life. She clearly knows the ins and outs of the fashion and styling world, and her heart for her business and for the women she serves is so inspiring, too. Melissa is dedicated, passionate, warm, knowledgeable, and has impeccable style and taste, and I cannot recommend her enough!"



"Melissa is one of my dearest friends and also my go-to stylist. She has a natural talent for fashion design and styling. When I am in need of new pieces for my closet, she helps me find versatile pieces that can also be styled with what I already have. She is amazing at building upon your individual style yet adds unique pieces that really make your closet stand out! I would absolutely recommend her!"



"I’ve known Melissa for over a decade and for as long as I’ve known her, she has always had impeccable fashion taste.  Styling is such a natural talent that seems to come to Melissa with ease, creating a perfectly styled wardrobe that not only gives you a high fashion closet but still represents her client’s individual tastes.  Not only have I known her for many years, but I was fortunate to use her as my stylist for new lookbook and website images.  It is clear that Melissa is passionate and knowledgable in the fashion industry but is also a passionate and caring person that has an instant connection with people. This connection creates a unique experience that lets her help you get the wardrobe you always dreamed of. I wouldn’t recommend anyone other than Melissa for the job!"



"I met Melissa while working on a styled shoot in 2016. She has been wonderful to work with in many different aspects. I've appreciated her ability to effortlessly coordinate outfits from the jewelry down to the shoes. When creatively collaborating, she's done a fabulous job at bringing our shared visions to life utilizing Pinterest boards, careful planning and detailed communication. 

Her upbeat attitude makes working with her an absolute joy and I fully trust her to bring an innovative, fresh outlook to each styling session. I would highly recommend working with Melissa for her professionalism, youthful but classic style and bright personality!"






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