4 Emerging Trends from New York Fashion Week

Hey y’all! Megan here again to keep you up to date on some of the latest fashion trends.

Every February and September, I desperately try to keep up with the fashion weeks. Yes, you heard me- there are multiple! A little fashion education for those who are interested, fashion month happens one season ahead, thus this February the collections were for Fall/Winter 2019, with four major cities hosting fashion weeks of their own. Before those fashion weeks there is couture week, men’s fashion week (also in various cities), then the main events in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, and not to mention the countless minor fashion weeks that happen in various cities after that.

For this post though, we will focus specifically on New York and the trends that emerged from its runways . I looked through so many designers to aggregate the trends, from big names, to new comers, and of course a few of Melissa and I’s favorite creatives.  I hope you enjoy this fashion update as much as I enjoyed researching and writing it! There are so many new trends to try to add a little fun and adventure to your wardrobe.


Bright Colors

Typically, you see a lot of bright colors and florals for spring. It’s like the line dripping with sarcasm and truth in the movie, The Devil Wears Prada: “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.” However, this runway season saw many bright colors (and even florals) for fall. Whether it be a warm sweater in a favorite pastel, or perhaps a chic coat in a neon tone, there was certainly no shortage of hues on the runway! In particular I felt like I saw a lot of bright greens and oranges, but many fashion sources are also citing royal purple as a color trend.


Asymmetric Shapes

I’ve always loved a one-shoulder outfit. Adding an asymmetric shape to any look makes it just a bit more adventurous. This season on the runway there were a plethora of non-symmetrical silhouettes, from sleeves, to cut-outs, to sweaters, this look was definitely one to watch for. Playing with symmetry can be the perfect statement to your outfit and it was refreshing to see the new takes on it as they made their way down the runway. Some of my favorites in this trend are the remixes on black dresses from Prabal Gurung, Tom Ford, and Monique Lhullier, but I also love the more casual asymmetric looks presented by Hellesy as well.


Belt Moment

Yes, we’ve been wearing belts to keep our pants up and cinch our waists for centuries, but belts were having a huge moment at the shows in New York. Sometimes I really think belts are boring, but then I see looks like these and I’m floored by what a belt can add to a look! Industrial looking belts have been super popular in streetwear, so it was fun to see Alyx continue to play with that trend. I also loved the huge belts that cinched the waists of beautiful dresses. Plus, there were fun belts that played with laces and bags too. Each belt brought its own unique flare to a look and I am interested to see how you use belts to complete your style!


Proper Prints

It’s always fun to see which prints make the runway season. This year animal prints continued to shine, leopard never goes out of style and the tiger print was a nice edition! However, my favorite in prints were the proper prints of tweed, plaid, and houndstooth that graced so many of the stages. Though it is common to think of these prints in suiting and coats, several designers did a great job of mixing it into other silhouettes as well. If the prints were used on classic shapes, they were often brought to life by whimsical accessories or unique color-ways. I am definitely excited to see what fun printed blazers hit the stores for the fall/winter season!


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this mini New York Fashion Week recap. It’s such a pleasure to go through all the designers’ collections to see what new looks are being brought to the table. Fashion can often seem repetitive, but new trends help me to try new things and keep refreshing my look! Definitely take a chance on trying out some of these trends, and of course if you need any styling help, you know who to ask.