MDS Newsletter

Hello everyone!

In honor of my rebrand (Hannah Lee of Foxwood Studio KILLED IT didn't she?!), exciting projects coming up this month, and my gratitude towards all of you who have encouraged me and helped get this start-up business off the ground, I wanted to invite all of you to subscribe to my newsletter! Having a newsletter has been on my To-Do list for months now, but I honestly lacked the know-how and energy to make it happen! So finally, the Melissa de Leon Styling newsletter is officially open and ready for you guys to start receiving some pretty awesome things! 

Now before you forward all my newsletters to email Junk bin, let me tell you all the things that this newsletter will provide you. The purpose of this newsletter isn't to bombard you with pointless information - the purpose for this newsletter is to educate you and give you real life, tangible solutions and tools that you can use within your life and your wardrobes. This is years and years and years of my own education, research and expertise compiled into a weekly email and given to you for FREE. Have I convinced you yet? I thought so! Just in case you need a little extra coaxing, here's a list of just a few fun things that you'll receive from me:

1. Information about my personal styling packages
2. Behind the scenes of some of my editorial shoots
3. Interviews with some crazy cool entrepreneurs and a healthy dose of #girlbosses
4. Styling tips
5. Full access to my YouTube content
6. Style worksheets and 'How-To' workshops
7. Book recommendations
8. Style inspiration
9. Inside looks into my personal styling sessions
10. Giveaways and discounts

If that list isn't enough to convince you, here's an even bigger one: for the next 48 hours, I'm giving 15% off ALL PERSONAL STYLING SESSIONS to everyone who subscribes to my newsletter. Not only that, but at the end of every month I'll be hosting other giveaways! These giveaways will include everything from free styling sessions, giftcards to my favorite places, jewelry, makeup... all you have to do is subscribe NOW, and you'll be entered into all of the giveaways for the rest of the year! An even bigger thank you goes out to all the women who have already subscribed - thanks for being patient with me as I procrastinated!

So I'm sure by now you're ready for me to tell you how to subscribe. If you haven't already, click the link below and enter your name and email address that you'd like the newsletter to be sent to you. That's it! Keep in mind you only have 48 hours, so the 15% off offer will only be valid for those who subscribe before June 2nd at 8 a.m. EST.

Thank you for being so supportive as I have started this business. I have met such wonderful, encouraging and beautiful people along this journey, and I am so excited to see how MDS continues to grow! xo, Melissa