3 Tips for Styling Jewelry


A huge thank you to all of you who attended my event at Kendra Scott at North Hills last week! It was so exciting to unveil the new Summer II collection with Kendra Scott, and teach you ways to enhance your jewelry. For those of you who could not attend, I wanted to make a blog post highlighting the tips that I shared on the night of the event.

When the Kendra Scott gals and I had our first meeting, we realized that both of our clients shared the same problems in terms of clothing and jewelry. Most of our clients spend a decent amount of money for clothing and accessories, but only get a few uses out of each item. Women are missing the fundamentals of clothing and jewelry: to be used in multiple ways and worn for multiple occasions. We realized that the majority of our clients see their accessories one-dimensionally, and that they're spending a lot of money on items that they only use a handful of times! Our event served a few purposes: to explain simple styling tips that women could implement in their lives, encourage women to get creative with their accessorizing, and uncover different ways to wear pieces of jewelry that once was believed to only perform one use. 

So for those of you who couldn't attend, here are the 3 styling tips that I touched on at the event. Hopefully this list will spur you on to take a few more styling risks with your accessories!


1. Layer

Probably the easiest tip to adapt into your own life, layering can be a simple and easy way to bring more life out of your jewelry. With dainty necklaces at the forefront of jewelry trends, it's easy to adapt what we see on Instagram and take a handful of your favorite dainty necklaces to layer them with each other. If you already wear a simple, delicate necklace everyday, challenge yourself to layer another one with it. Now, your everyday necklace has turned into a statement piece, and serves two purposes instead of one!


2. Balance

Don't be afraid to add a little shine to your ears, your neckline, your wrists and your fingers, but don't over do it. If you're wearing big, statement earrings, complement them with a few dainty necklaces and delicate bangles. The earrings are the focal accessory, and you don't want to lose them by having a large, overbearing necklace. The same goes for all other accessories. If you're wearing a large, statement necklace, pair it with a stud and some dainty stackable rings for added shine that don't distract from the main focus. Pick one accessory to be the focal point and add a little as you go. Wearing several pieces of jewelry that balance out each other can make your entire outfit look more cohesive, and allows the viewers eye to wander. Be careful though, because if done wrong, it can look overdone and gaudy.


3. Mixing Metals

We've all asked the questions:

"Are mixing metals a fashion faux pas?"

"How can I mix metals without it looking awkward?"

This is a challenging tip, for someone who wants to be a bit risky, but it's actually easier to do than most may think. The easiest way to mix metals is to find a pice of jewelry that already has both metals in it. However, it's sometimes difficult to find pieces that are gold and silver, so this is when my little trick becomes the most handy for beginner metal-mixers.

When looking at various metals, translate them into a color. For example, mustard yellow looks like gold. Silver is the metallic version of gray. Makes sense right? After translating the metals into a wearable color, wear the metal that looks good with that color. For this look, I purposefully pulled a mustard colored top, and black and white striped pants. This outfit looked good together without jewelry, but when I began to style the accessories, it was easy to pair it with gold AND silver, because the outfit already had those colors. Another example might be blush and gray. I love a feminine, ruffled, blush blouse paired with a skinny dark gray, distressed denim. So if I wanted to mix some metals, I might try a rose gold (blush), paired with silver (gray). Once you start playing with mixed metals, it becomes second nature. Eventually you'll be more confident to try it with all kinds of colors, but this is a foolproof way to make it look like you didn't spend all morning thinking about it!