5 Investment Pieces Every Woman Must Own for Fall & Winter

I said this for years as a fashion blogger, but for those that don’t know, fall is my favorite season. The colors are richer, and you get to innovate unexpected ways to keep warm. Plainly, I think getting dressed for fall weather is just more fun. You have more pieces to work with!

One of the harsher realities of the cooler seasons is that clothing gets more expensive. You’re paying to have heavier fabrics that will keep you warm, and you’re wearing more clothing than you did in the summertime. Your days of walking out of the house with jeans and a t-shirt are over. Now, you need jeans, a t-shirt to layer under a sweater, a scarf, a coat, and boots, and some fuzzy socks!

Investing in classic pieces that withstand the weather, time and trends is key. I get it - you may not have the budget to buy every trendy piece out there, but having a closet with some good, versatile pieces will make your closet withstand years of fashion when you buy smart pieces. Here is my list of 5 investment pieces that every woman, no matter her style, must own once the cooler weather hits. Some might say these are boring, but if you don’t have these items in your closet already, I promise you you’ll find yourself in a pickle or two this season.

I have linked examples from Nordstrom for you to shop from below. Simply ‘click’ on each item you want to shop from and it will take you straight to the product page. If you see one you like, maybe send the link to someone and ask them to gift it to you for Christmas!


DRESS coat

This should be a timeless, trend-defying piece. I have two coats that are my go-tos when the weather cools down: a black mohair collarless coat, and a classic nude wrap coat. This is that layer that adds the finishing touch of style and warmth to your outfit. For those of you bearing freezing temperatures, opt for a black parka. For those of us in mild states, splurge on a quality-made coat in a neutral color, long enough to help keep your bottom half warm too.

High-waisted skinny jeans

Almost every one of my clients rarely has a pair that fits them AND flatters their body. I hear mixed reviews when I talk about high-rise pants, but the reality is: they flatter every body type. For those of you who don’t want to hear it, there it is (Sorry, not sorry). No matter what your body type is, a higher rise pant that hits you at your natural waist is ALWAYS the most flattering. It accentuates where you are smallest, and makes your legs appear longer. After buying a high-waisted jean, I promise you will never buy a low-rise again. Why, you ask? It’s proven to make you look skinnier AND taller. If that’s not enough for you, they keep you warmer in cooler months since they go over your stomach, and some are designed to act as Spanx to “lift” and “sculpt”. Plus, every time you bend over or sit down, you won’t worry about showing your crack. Look no further ladies, here are my favorite options for your new go-to winter jeans to tuck into your boots.

Pointed or Almond toe boot

Did someone say boots?! That’s right - you gotta stick those skinny jeans into something. These are some of my favorite boots this season. Each of them have a slimming pointed or almond-shaped toe, which will elongate your leg and instantly make you look taller. For versatility’s sake, I would steer towards a low heel or flat option, so that you can wear them comfortably, all day long for a myriad of occasions. Remember, these are smart investments! Purchase a heeled boot when you can truthfully tell me that you can walk in them through snow and ice without slipping. Trust me, no one wants to see that.

medium weight Sweater

Think of classic sweater styles: cable knits, turtle necks, fair isle, etc. You’ll wear these traditional sweaters under coats, over thinner t-shirts, with leggings and boots, or dress pants. You can even style them in a less-traditional way: layered over a maxi dress or skirt! These medium weight sweaters are a must-have in a fall closet, so that you’re ready to take on any kind of weather and look totally chic while doing it.


As the last layer of your fall and winter outfit, throw on a scarf to accessorize. Although we can get caught up with colors and prints and patterns, sometimes a solid black scarf is the best option. Find one that suits your fancy - do you like oversized blanket scarves that can act as ponchos? Perhaps you prefer to forego the traditional scarf and go with something luxe like a fur collar? Whatever your taste, here are a few black options to cuddle with.